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  Shiny Bronze FinishAntique Bronze FinishShiny Silver FinishAntique Silver FinishMisty Silver FinishMatte Silver Finish
Shiny Gold FinishAntique Gold FinishMisty Gold FinishMatte Gold FinishShiny Copper FinishAntique Copper Finish
Shiny Nickel FinishAntique Nickel FinishMisty Nickel FinishMatte Nickel FinishBlack Nickel FinishRhodium Finish
Unlimited Colors

Edging Options


Smooth Edge

In Die Rope Edge


Criss Cross Edge 2 Sides
Criss Cross Diamond Cut Edge

Oblique Line Edge


Wave Cut Edge

Curve Wave Edge


Scale Edge

Gridge Edge


Petal Edge

Twist Edge


Diamond Line Edge
This edge effect is like a US dime or quarter

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*Only available in shiny finishes.
Double Plating Example

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